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Mysticism of Poltava and Hohol’s land

Are you familiar with any mystical places in Poltava? Would you like to familiarize yourself with them?  We’re going to reveal you the most interesting and mysterious and even a bit spooky stories of Poltava!  We would like to show you Poltava around under a bit different angle, a bit mysterious one...

Do you think that witches and mysticism are intrinsic only to Kyiv, as they were the main settings for M. Bulhakov and L. Luzina’s novels and stories?  Quite the opposite!!! Poltava is full of its own small, or maybe even big mystical stories. And as for Poltava region – that’s for sure!! It was this very land that inspired Mykola Hohol to create his immortal opus. We invite you to plunge into the world of the mystical stories of Poltava, to find out the secrets of the Ukrainian night in Hohol's homeland, to see with your own eyes various “evil spirits”. You can also take cool pictures with them!!

Are you keen on seeing the castle of Richard right in the street of Poltava? The House of Pertsovych or “Richard's Castle” is a house that draws attention to its architecture and has an interesting legend about a warlock. A merchant  named Pertsovych built a rental house in 1890 in former Kuznetsk Street, which is today's Pushkin Street. In 1903, the delegation from Halychyna which visited the unveiling of the memorial, the monument to I. Kotlyarevskyi stayed here. In 1906, a practitioner of black magic settled here and interesting stories began… Find out about it in an off-line mode. Another enigmatic house is the building of Security Service of Ukraine, which used to be a bank building as per the design of Kobelev. The house is ornamented with interesting decorative elements and has a mystical history.

Here is the Poltava Petrovsky Cadet Corps building, which was erected in 1840 as an educational institution. Just imagine how many young men graduated from this institution. These walls witnessed different love stories both happy and tragic ones. The boys made friends and quarreled, supported each other, and challenged each other to a duel. The house has its own character…. Unfortunately, today it looks completely abandoned and destroyed.

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