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The Great Northern War: Stories of Lifelong Love

During the excursion you will hear interesting love stories of people whose destiny was connected with the Cossack era and the Great Northern War:

- women in the life of B. Khmelnytskyi;

- romantic relationship of the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa. You will find out if Motrya Kochubey was the last love of the hetman?

- the private life of Tsar Peter the great;

- the romantic calf-love of the last warrior king Charles XII;

- full of amazing loyalty of Hetman Philip Orlik to his wife, Anna Hertsyk.

You will find out about these and other love stories during the excursion with elements of theatrical performance at the Poltava Battlefield State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site.Videos, portraits of famous women, music of that era and sand animation will help to recreate the atmosphere of the times of the Great Northern War.

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