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"Through the thorns to the stars/ Per aspera ad astra"

Poltava is a real paradise for tourists with a passion for aviation and aeronautics. There are three unique profile museums in the city: the Aviation and Space Museum named after Y. Kondratyuk, the branch of the National Military History Museum of Ukraine - the Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation and the Museum of Military History of the 13th Guards Dnepropetrovsk and Budapest Order of Suvorov division, the 2nd grade of the heavy bomber aviation division.

Thus, among many prominent figures, the world-known scientists and inventors in the aviation and astronautics industry were born in Poltava region. They studied and worked here. Among them there is the inventor of tuneless rocket weapon Alexander Zasyadko (1779-1837), Yuri Kondratyuk (1897-1941), who calculated the first known flight trajectory to the Moon. His calculations were used by the Americans in preparations to fly to the natural Earth’s satelite and by the inventor of the aviation back pack parachute Hlib Kotelnykov (1872-1944).


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Турагенція: Туристична агенція "Скарбничка Мандрів"

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Турагенція: Туристична агенція "Феєрверк Мрій"

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