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Field of the Battle of Poltava

The Museum of the History of the Great Battle of Poltava is located right in the center of the historical field, where on June 27, 1709 the decisive battle of the Great Northern War took place, which radically changed the political map of Europe. The museum was opened to the public on June 26, 1909 upon an initiative of the well-known local Poltava historian Ivan Pavlovsky. The first museum was in operation only until 1918 (after a series of robberies was closed), and in 1950 it was remodeled. In 1981 the museum and its complex of monuments connected with the Battle were proclaimed as the State Historical and Cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle” set in ​​720 hectares.

The exposition of the Museum of the History of the Great Battle of Poltava is on display in nine exhibit halls, featuring unique canvases and engravings, portraits of people with the great names of history, cartographic material and historical documents, authentic kinds of weapon, soldiers' uniforms and their equipment, archeological findings as well as centuries-old artifacts.