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A round square

A round square. The centre of a principal town of a province in early 19th century.

In the course of this walking tour tourists have a chance to see unique sights, interesting and extraordinary architectural elements in comparison with modern architectural styles; they also get acquainted with the background of two-hundred-year-old buildings, walk the alleys of the park, which witnessed many events that have fundamentally changed the lives of both Poltava and Ukraine.

In 1802 the former regimental city of Poltava became a provincial center. The provincial architect M.A. Amvrosymov worked out a new city development plan  in compliance with the new status. Thus the fortress, being the historic center of Poltava, was linked to the main street with the "provincial Poltava", a circular square where eight administrative buildings in the style of classicism were built. The compositional center of the square is the Monument of Glory (1811) with the Corps Park made around it in the 40-70's of the 19th century.