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Poltava Regional Museum of Towel

  In the picturesque village of Stepne, Poltava district, one can find a spiritual treasury of Ukraine, that is the Poltava Regional Museum of Embroidered Towel. Over 600 priceless towels are on exhibit in the museum. Among them there are towels embroidered with various techniques; antique women's and men's clothing, antique utensils, household items.

 The museum is worth visiting to:

-              broaden your horizons as for the culture and traditions of Ukrainian nation;

-              familiarize yourself with styles and embroidery techniques from different regions;

-              energize yourself positively;

-              relax the mind


+38 099-771-33-82 

Poltava region, Poltava district, Stepne village st. Central, 17